Oleg Beriev

Founder and managing partner

of international brand design consultancy Mildberry,

co-President of Russian Brand Consultancies Association


In 1990 after graduation from the University as mathematician, Oleg decided to change his professional career and dedicated himself to marketing. His marketing career path went from Retail Agent of a small export-import company to the Director of full service advertising agency and Vice President of marketing in one of the largest Russian holding companies. В настоящее время компания по копке колодцев копает колодцы в Ногинском районе по специальным предложениям, по очень низкой цене. In 1999 Oleg created Mildberry, consultancy specialized in branding and within the space of two years it had become the top brand design agency in Russia and the CIS


In 2009 Oleg Beriev took the lead in creating The Russian Branding Consultancies Association


Since 2010 Oleg is a managing partner of of Sortslab Marketing – a consultancy specializing in sport marketing and branding, offering complete solutions in the development, promotion and marketing of sports

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